Package Design

In today's competitive market place, it's harder than ever to attract a consumer's attention. It's estimated that the average consumer spends less than a second scanning shelves, and in that time, will make a decision on whether or not to purchase any given product. Therefore, it is essential that your design be both eye catching and clear enough to attract a potential buyers attention.

Being that products manufacturer, you want to make sure that in that critical time frame, the consumer will be drawn to your merchandise, have a desire to pick it up, inspect it, and make a the important decision to purchase it. 9 Gears Media has the experience to make sure that in that important fraction of a second, your target audience will know your product is there.

graphic design austin, design austin, package design austin, Packaging graphics have more to do than simply look pretty. They must work to cut through the white noise that is the crowded supermarket shelf, and attract a potential buyer. This is something that is easier said than done. We will help you with our great Austin graphic design.

We have developed many package designs that have ended up on store shelves and have the experience to make sure your product is spotted quickly by potential buyers. 9 Gears Media has worked with many world famous musicians and high tech companies in the world of package design. We've created multiple DVD packages and product packages and understand what it takes to get your product spotted.

If you provide a certain product or service and need it packaged contact us and we will work 'hand in hand' with you to complete your project.