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Imagine your dreams.Your ideas are only limited by your imagination. Are you starting a new business? Perhaps you're redesigning your current look. Before starting a new project it is essential to plan out your strategy before committing to your particular project. 9 Gears Media will help you take the time your ideas deserve and and decide on the proper strategy that benefits you and your business.
Imagine your dreams.After you've decided on a design strategy, it's important to get the 'look and feel' your business deserves. Even with a great idea, a poor design can make or break those first impressions with your clients. 9 Gears Media will work 'hand in hand' with you to make sure your design fits your companies image and ideals. Being local Austin graphic designers, we will complete your mission.
Imagine your dreams.Your original ideas have come to fruition through both per-planning and great design. Your business is off and running and reaching the clientele in which it was originally created to do. 9 Gears Media has helped you with all your needs. However this is no time to stop and smell the roses. Now the fun begins. The baton has been passed to you and now it's your turn to inspire the masses.
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austin, designer, web designer,
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Our Design Philosophy

9 Gears Media is a creative design company specializing in Web Design, Package Design, Illustration, Branding and Mobile Application Design.

9 Gears Media began with two basic ideas -

   1. Offer our customers exceptional design

   2. Create a positive experience for them during the creative process

These basic ideas keep past customers coming back and also help facilitate 'word of mouth' customers - one customer, receiving great services and,in-turn, spreading the word to other potential clients. This is the ultimate form of flattery. Austin, TX is a fairly large city but it's people make it a small world. That's why it's important to do a great job as an Austin graphic designer.

Your project will be very personal to you. It is our desire to make sure we hear and understand your needs and walk 'hand in hand' with you along the design process. Whether you're wanting to create a new website created by an Austin web designer for your business or need an illustration for an upcoming event, 9 Gears Media will aid you in your journey and continue to be there for you after your project is an overwhelming success. We understand that the adventure does not stop after the creation of your particular project. The adventure has only begun! We understand that to be a successful company, you will continue to be in need of our graphic design services that are centered in Austin, Texas. This is why we choose to create a real friendship with our clients because we understand the value you bring to us.

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